Case Update: SLG Successfully Resolves Client’s Nissan Lease Payment Lawsuit

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Photo of two people finalizing a contract and exchanging keys depicting the Nissan lease payment case recently settled by Schlanger Law Group

Large credit reporting agencies like Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion often include mistakes in an individual’s credit reports. Consumers rightly expect that these errors should be fixed when they alert the agencies. In one case, our client’s Nissan lease payment record was reported incorrectly and the companies involved refused to correct it.

As a result of mistaken charges reported as past-due by an auto lease finance company, Christopher Somma’s credit was damaged. Despite disputing the errors, the credit reporting agencies and the auto lease finance company failed to reasonably investigate and did not correct the mistakes on Mr. Somma’s credit reports.

This case involves 5 parties:

  • Christopher Somma – our client who leased a Nissan vehicle
  • Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation – the lessor company that owned the vehicle
  • Equifax Information Services LLC – credit reporting agency
  • Trans Union LLC – credit reporting agency
  • Experian Information Solutions, Inc. – credit reporting agency

What to Do If Your Nissan Lease Payment Contract Changes After You Return Your Car?

Mr. Somma leased a vehicle from Nissan and made all his payments on time. However, after the end of his lease term, Nissan added amounts due to his account without notifying him and incorrectly reported these as delinquent payments to the big three credit reporting agencies. In turn, this negatively affected his credit.

After noticing that the delinquencies appeared on his credit reports, Mr. Somma filed complaints to dispute the incorrect entries. In a situation like this, both the credit reporting agencies and Nissan must review the dispute, open an investigation to gather information, and evaluate if the Nissan lease payment reporting was accurate. Although the agencies and Nissan received Mr. Somma’s disputes requesting deletion of the delinquencies, they failed to investigate and left the erroneous entries on his credit reports.

Mr. Somma Trusted SLG to Resolve His Nissan Lease Payment Fiasco

Schlanger Law Group filed a lawsuit to hold the companies accountable under the Fair Credit Reporting Act and New York Fair Credit Reporting Act. On behalf of Mr. Somma, we are seeking damages against Nissan, Equifax, Trans Union, and Experian for failing to reasonably investigate the errors on Mr. Somma’s credit reports and leaving him with damaged credit.

Many consumers are unaware of what exactly appears on their credit reports. Attorney Evan Rothfarb, one of SLG’s team of credit reporting attorneys said, “Many people do not realize that the payments on their auto leases appear on their credit reports. When auto loan servicers provide inaccurate data to the consumer reporting agencies, it can sink an individual’s credit history and make it hard to get loans for future purchases – including homes and autos. It is critical to keep an eye on your credit reports and make sure they accurately reflect your payment history.”

**Case Update: Successful Settlement Resolves Case With Every Defendant!**

The SLG Team is proud to report that we were able to successfully resolve Mr. Somma’s case with all defendants. Following the conclusion of his lawsuit, Mr. Somma shared this glowing review about his experience with our law firm,

"Daniel Schlanger, Evan Rothfarb and the entire team at Schlanger Law Group are terrific. From when I first contacted them, they were extremely professional, knowledgeable, transparent in their billing fees, and honest about the results I could expect from my case. They always take the time to fully explain to make sure you understand what is going on in your case, and always keep you informed on any updates along the way. I would absolutely recommend the team at Schlanger Law Group for anyone looking for a consumer protection attorney."

Important Lesson Learned From Nissan Lease Payment Credit Reporting Errors

It is important to consistently check each one of your credit reports to ensure that all of your payments are credited on time and catch any errors made by credit reporting agencies. Whether you are leasing a car, paying off your credit card bill, or if someone has stolen your identity, you need to watch your credit reports carefully. 

If you have experienced a similar situation with errors on your credit reports, Schlanger Law Group LLP may be able to help you. Reach out to our experienced attorneys today to discuss your case.

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