Top 3 Identity Theft Scams to Avoid in 2022

Image of an account balance falling due to identity theft scams depicting how Schlanger Law Group helps consumers

As technology improves, and we transact more business online, our personal and business lives have become more efficient… most of the time. Unfortunately, identity thieves are also finding more creative ways to steal personal information and profit from identity theft scams that victimize innocent consumers.    Here are some startling statistics and examples of identity fraud you might encounter in the coming year. By recognizing the three most common identity theft scams, you may avoid becoming a victim.   **IMPORTANT** If you have […]

24 Ways to Minimize the Impact of Identity Theft on Victims

Image of a calculator, magnifying glass, pen, and financial statement depicting the actions Schlanger Law Group will take to help minimize the impact of identity theft on victims

~ 7 Tips to Detect Identity Fraud   ~ 17-Step Identity Theft Checklist to Reduce The Impact of Identity Theft on Victims  Online banking, shopping, and communication have certainly changed our everyday lives. Unfortunately, cybercriminals are always creating more inventive ways to deceive innocent consumers. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) collects data to prepare the Consumer Sentinel Data Book that shows the impact of identity theft on victims each year. In 2018, the FTC received 444,344 identity […]