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Dedicated Consumer Protection and Identity Theft Attorneys

The team at Schlanger Law Group LLP (SLG) is committed to protecting consumer rights. To fulfill our mission, the SLG team limits our practice to identity theft, credit reporting, inaccurate credit card billing, unauthorized electronic transfers, and federal consumer class action litigation.  

We can’t sit still while innocent people suffer needlessly. When creditors and credit reporting agencies damage your financial stability, or thieves steal your money and threaten your future peace of mind, we take action.

When you need knowledgeable, seasoned consumer fraud lawyers with extensive experience in complex consumer litigation, you can count on us.  

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Of Counsel

Utilizing unique skills and a tireless work ethic, the SLG team aggressively defends the rights of consumers in these situations

Image of a faceless identity thief depicting situations when Schlanger Law Group can protect consumers

Identity Theft

If someone has stolen your personal information to open a loan, purchase items online, or empty your life savings... we are here to help.

Image of a consumer credit report with errors that a credit report lawyer at Schlanger Law Group may help you dispute

Credit Report Errors

Was your loan denied or did your credit score drop? You may have errors in your credit report. If the credit bureaus won’t fix these mistakes... we are here to help.

Photo of a calculator and credit card bill depicting the credit billing litigation services offered by Schlanger Law Group

Credit Card Billing Errors

When you find unauthorized charges in your credit card statement you need to act quickly. If the credit card company won’t reverse the charges... we are here to help.

photo of a person entering a PIN on an ATM keypad depicting Electronic Fund Transfer Act situations where Schlanger Law Group can help

Unauthorized Electronic Transfers

If someone has accessed your account online to make purchases or steal your hard-earned money... we are here to help.

Photo of a consumer class action complaint depicting the cases handled by class action attorneys at Schlanger Law Group

Consumer Class Actions

When companies repeatedly take advantage of consumers without regard for the law... we are here to help.

If you’re facing any of these legal issues,

the SLG team of consumer fraud lawyers is here for you.

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