Client Reviews

By: Moshe P.

Title: Kind and Professional

Client Description: Amazing! I was at one point $84,000 in debt. I had negotiated with all of my creditors and had paid most of them off. However, one credit card was sold to a collection agency, which would not negotiate. Most of the debt was interest since I had defaulted. Then there were fees, etc. They claimed I was served and the got a default judgement against me. There was nothing I could do. They ended up garnishing bank accounts. Thank god that is right when I met Mr. Schlanger. Within weeks the money was returned and the collection agency settled for a fraction of the debt and made a payment plan for me. I'm almost completely paid off at this point. This had been hanging over my head for years. I had totally given up hope. Mr. Schlanger gave me back my hope and dealt with this so kindly and professionally, and got such great results. I wish I had found him years earlier.

Rating: ★★★★★ 5 / 5 stars