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    Schlanger Law Group LLP is dedicated to empowering consumers who confront businesses that don’t follow the law. Whether the issue is inaccurate credit reporting, identity theft, unlawful collection and lending fees, or other consumer misconduct, we help consumers fight back.

    Our focus is zealous, sophisticated, top-notch legal advocacy. Whether it’s an individual case to help a victim of identity theft get his or her financial life back, or a large class action challenging collection misconduct, we have a history of leveling the playing field for consumers against some of the largest companies and most well-known corporate defense law firms in the world.

    Not every law firm is prepared to invest the time and resources necessary to properly develop a consumer’s case. And let’s be honest: Businesses and their lawyers can tell when a consumer and his or her attorney is prepared to go the distance and when they are just angling for a quick settlement. Our consumer protection and credit defense lawyers regularly go toe to toe with big business, investing the time and money necessary to do right by our clients. In most cases, we represent clients on a contingency basis, and get paid our fees by the company that has violated the law.

    Whether you’re having difficulty correcting serious inaccuracies on your credit report; are in a dispute with your bank or credit card company regarding unauthorized charges; or have been harmed by other illegal business practices, we want to talk.


    Fair Credit Reporting Act

    Protecting New York Consumers Through FCRA Litigation

    The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires credit reporting agencies (credit bureaus) and the creditors and debt collectors who report information to them to ensure that information reported is accurate. However, consumers often find it difficult or impossible to hold credit bureaus and reporting entities to those obligations. Schlanger Law Group LLP it’s experienced New York consumer protection and credit defense attorneys regularly litigate on behalf of consumers. We have a track record of successfully resolving credit reporting disputes, including obtaining significant compensation for victims of inaccurate credit reporting.

    Consumer Class Action Suits

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    At Schlanger Law Group, we are dedicated to fighting for consumers and businesses and holding credit reporting agencies, creditors, and debt collectors accountable for violating consumer protection laws. Call our office or complete the contact form below to set up a consultation.

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