Case Update: SLG Successfully Resolves Client’s Nissan Lease Payment Lawsuit

Photo of two people finalizing a contract and exchanging keys depicting the Nissan lease payment case recently settled by Schlanger Law Group

Large credit reporting agencies like Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion often include mistakes in an individual’s credit reports. Consumers rightly expect that these errors should be fixed when they alert the agencies. In one case, our client’s Nissan lease payment record was reported incorrectly and the companies involved refused to correct it. As a result of […]

Identity Theft Costs Nordstrom Customer $10,000

In December of 2018, our client went shopping at a Nordstrom store in Brooklyn. . When she attempted a purchase using her Nordstrom credit card account, a store clerk informed her that the card was declined because she had exceeded her credit limit. Knowing that she rarely used the account, our client asked the clerk […]